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Why develop ecommerce solutions: trends, demands and expectations
Oct 10, 2013

The global ecommerce market is estimated to total $631.7 billion in 2013 marking a compound annual growth rate of almost 19% between 2008 and 2013. The United States alone accounts for almost half of the global online retail market with its $259 billion e-tailing sector size (up 15% from 2012, see picture below).

With the mobile commerce catching up and accounting for 15% of all online retail sales (and expected to earn $39 billion in 2013), ecommerce obviously continues gaining momentum and steadily becomes a niche that every single company, regardless of its size and industry, tends to fill in. And today’s global ecommerce software market totaling $3 billion proves it. Do you need more arguments why ecommerce development is a backbone of your business success and boosted sales?

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