Custom PHP web application development versus RAD frameworks and CMS
Jan 20, 2014

There’s a long-lasting debate in today’s business environment in general and among startups and SMEs in particular as to whether web applications should be designed and developed from scratch or using rapid application development (RAD) frameworks such as Spring, Zend, CakePHP or content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla and others.

We’ve just analyzed pros and cons of both approaches in order to determine one that brings best value to meeting client requirements with web application solutions.

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Tablet Web Usability
Jun 12, 2013

Why it is important

  • Analysts from Juniper Research predict that purchases on tablets will beat out smartphones over the next three years.
  • According to Google study they did of over 1400 tablet users, 28% now use their tablet as their primary PC and 42% of them are shopping via their tablet.

Why standard desktop sites look ugly on tablets

  • Buttons and navigation elements are small;
  • Application and order forms are excessively long;
  • Long load time of the site;
  • Pixelated and fuzzy site images.

To make your website feel like it was designed especially for tablets and make it responsive to the table user common behavior, you need to:

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The Issue of Adaptive Images in Responsive Design

Problem: Having a single source attribute, IMGs can’t provide a user with one image optimized for different display resolutions and sizes.

Goal: Find a solution that will send the image of the most relevant size and resolution depending on the browser and screen resolution of your device.

Solution: Responsive IMGs that are delivered using the HTML IMG tag that come from different sources depending on the screen size.

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