Partners' testimonials about Devellar

Pavel Zubchenko. CEO,
CarTuning company.

CarTuning company is a big player on the Ukrainian market of selling car spare parts online. Devellar has been recognised as a leading partner of CarTuning company in the line of software development and online promotion of the company’s products portfolio. As CarTuning is considered to be one of our key external Partners we decided to interview a company’s CEO Pavel Zubchenko who enlightens the advantages and reasons of collaboration with Devellar. We share Pavel’s experience with our dearest readers

Interviewer: What was the main reason why CarTuning choose to use additional technical resources, especially since Ukraine has many software developers?

Pavel Zubchenko: Some time ago, the old version of the website was pretty popular. There really weren’t any competitors and we solidly occupied a high position in our niche. We didn’t want to change anything and that’s why we didn’t hire a full-time developer. But time passes and things change. After some time, our positions and consequently our sales went down. We needed fresh ideas and professional solutions urgently from experienced specialists, who work on developing every day. We needed specialists that knew how to get users’ attention and how to make them buy our products and not someone else’s.

Interviewer: And why did you choose Devellar as your provider?

Pavel Zubchenko: Devellar was recommended to us as a team of strong and experienced specialists who really knew what they were doing. We checked and weren’t disappointed.

Interviewer: Since you have extensive experience cooperating with programmers, do you see a difference between having in-house development and using external contractors?

Pavel Zubchenko: We never had a full-time developer but from time to time, we had to hire freelance developers. Frequently, we had problems with their work quality and the results we received were not always as we expected. One of the most problematic stages was cooperation with freelancers, when one programmer would pass on the project to another programmer and we then had to pay for this. For the entire time of a software development, Devellar’s developers have been a part of our team. They figured out the project’s code very fast, suggested many successful solutions that we liked, and did exactly what we wanted. Their technical support plays a big role and they are always ready to help you even at short notice. Project transfers don’t give us any more problems.

Interviewer: Do you consider Devellar’s approach to software development to be unique or different in comparison with other software development companies?

Pavel Zubchenko: We didn’t work with other companies but we really liked the friendly atmosphere at Devellar. It was like they were working on their own project, not ours, and they did everything they could to reach our common goal.

Interviewer: Have your sales increased after you signed a contract with Devellar?

Pavel Zubchenko: Already in the two months after work on the first stage of the project was completed, our sales went up 30%, which is clearly a very good result. But we looking forward for the further cooperation.

Interviewer: What would you recommend, in terms of finding a software development provider, to local and international companies alike that are currently looking for near or offshore development services and/or partners?

Pavel Zubchenko: If you are looking for a reliable partner, a highly-experienced team of developers of the highest level, and you need fresh professional solutions, Devellar is the #1 company that we would recommend to you.