The core business activities of the company are extensive:

We launch new projects
and are open to equity investments

We engage in innovative IT outsourcing

We support our own projects

We launch Internet Marketing Education projects

Company history


The company started life in 2004 in a 3-room office with about 20-25 employees. The first years were tough, but thanks to the persistence and devotion of the staff, our company began to grow; it quickly expanded its activities until it became a stable business.


In 2007 – in order to expand the business cost effectively, we had the idea to open one more office in a developing economy. Our goal was realized shortly after with the opening of a support department in Philippines.

The company met the 2008 world economic crisis with a 30% annual increase in revenue.


In 2009 – the Marketing department opened. New internet and SEO marketing strategies were thoroughly thought out and successfully implemented each and every time new web algorithms were launched to the web.


2012 – 2014 – staff numbers have almost reached 300. The thing that sets our company apart is that we never stop at every new level we reach, but keep on creating new projects to drive success even further. As the world keeps turning and new technologies are introduced every day, we have made it our priority to keep up with the pace of world development. In a fast-changing environment, this is the only way to keep a business up-to-date and financially viable.

Devellar is an international company. Our IT Development and Marketing office is in Latvia, and our Support office is in the Philippines.

Devellar has launched many great new projects, namely:

  • Online tutoring –
  • Web-based platform for online education business –
  • Plagiarism checking web-based software –
  • Automatic grammar check software –
  • Internet marketing study project – Digital Academy –
  • SEO tool –

Why online educational projects?

Regardless of the economic situation, knowledge and skills have always been a highly valuable commodity for a society. The privileged benefit from expensive education while the disadvantaged have to make do with what they can afford.

Why online? – As it’s cheaper, it’s available to people from all different types of backgrounds. Take top US and UK universities – many of them have opened online courses to provide certificates in different disciplines for a lower price to ensure a bigger audience. In short, online learning improves mobility and fairness in education.

The bottom line is that we decided to devote one branch of our activities to providing online help to pupils and students who are eager to learn and obtain qualifications. We have successfully created projects that enable students to take individual classes with online tutors, get professional assistance from experienced degreed specialists in offline homework, and receive additional research assistance with research papers, theses and dissertation writing. We have also introduced a beneficial grammar checking tool to improve literacy for both students and grown-ups.

Why do we seek investors?

Considering our long-standing experience within the IT-market and our understanding of the fundamental laws of business, it’s apparent that in order to kick off a new project, it is vital to invest large amounts of money in marketing and promotion. Otherwise the project would be very difficult to get started.

Currently doesn’t have the opportunity to invest $1m+ in our newly-proposed multiple startup ventures. We are therefore ready to share our future revenue with shareholders in return for their investment. This is the first time Devellar has sought investment.

We are certain our new projects will be successful, but we need fresh funding to get these new projects started.