Why NoSQL and how it will disrupt big data
Apr 7, 2014

No secret that interactive applications have undergone some critical changes over the last fifteen years, and so have data management requirements. As more businesses understand the value of Big Data management on clusters of standard servers, NoSQL comes to be a viable alternative to relational databases such as DB2, Oracle or SAP that are very good at updating transactions and handling complicated update consistency issues, but fail at scaling to very large data sizes, and performing unstructured data search properly. Another weakness of relational databases consists in their inability to implement certain basic queries such as a shortcut between the two points.

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Tablet Web Usability
Jun 12, 2013

Why it is important

  • Analysts from Juniper Research predict that purchases on tablets will beat out smartphones over the next three years.
  • According to Google study they did of over 1400 tablet users, 28% now use their tablet as their primary PC and 42% of them are shopping via their tablet.

Why standard desktop sites look ugly on tablets

  • Buttons and navigation elements are small;
  • Application and order forms are excessively long;
  • Long load time of the site;
  • Pixelated and fuzzy site images.

To make your website feel like it was designed especially for tablets and make it responsive to the table user common behavior, you need to:

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The Issue of Adaptive Images in Responsive Design

Problem: Having a single source attribute, IMGs can’t provide a user with one image optimized for different display resolutions and sizes.

Goal: Find a solution that will send the image of the most relevant size and resolution depending on the browser and screen resolution of your device.

Solution: Responsive IMGs that are delivered using the HTML IMG tag that come from different sources depending on the screen size.

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Big Data Market Analysis
Mar 26, 2013

Big Data

Since we are constantly looking for new business ideas and ideas for start-ups, our RnD department constantly conducts a number of researches. We thought that some of them may be quite interesting for you. So we start this initiative with an overview of Big Data market niche.

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Mobile website development: do you really need one?

Mobile web usage increased so much over the last couple of years that website owners can no longer ignore it. However, there’s a lot of questions what exactly a mobile website is and what to pay attention to.

Before the explosion of tablets sales, users on the move were using their mobile phones to access websites on the go. That brought some technologies like WAP, used to create a very simple version of websites and their functionality was poor. With the advent of powerful mobile devices like iPhone and Android-based mobile phones, together with fast mobile broadband connections, the focus shifted to more complex technologies and better-looking websites.

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