Working in Devellar

We bet you want to enjoy impressive work-life balance program while building a cutting-edge career. We bet you want to do it in diverse and culture-rich environment, so let’s take an insight into the company and see what life in Devellar feels like. We believe that it is possible to turn routine into engaging and challenging experience.


At Devellar we have instituted an efficient training program for all employees that meats the best practice standards. We offer outdoor training schemes as a part of our staff development program and encourage applying newly acquired skills and knowledge to everyday work situations. Apart from the external trainings, we offer regular corporate trainings giving an excellent opportunity to improve professional skills and discuss pressing problems. Our employees are always ready to share their knowledge and experience with their colleagues and our company strongly supports this initiative.

Healthy lifestyle

We are sure that a healthy dose of play during your daily routine will not hurt and we support our employees in their striving to keep a healthy lifestyle. In the office you can relax a bit playing ping-pong, table football and exercising on the pull-up bar. For your convenience we cover your bicycle parking and rent a football gym.

Our office

Spending up to 35% of our time at work, it is important that we feel comfortable and cozy.


We are proud of our corporate events as they are absolutely crazy! They bring nothing but positive energy, they do nothing but cultivating team spirit and cement friendship within the team.