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Internet Marketing Services

Devellar offers a wide range of Internet marketing services that bring good return on investment.

We have many years of experience in optimizing websites for search as well as promoting websites to the top Google search engine ranking positions and bringing relevant traffic that converts into leads and customers.

We work primarily with small and medium sized businesses and have over 50 successful projects in our SEO portfolio.

At Devellar, we are big believers in inbound marketing, as it is much more effective in getting new customers than outbound marketing (direct calls, paid ads, etc.), and ends up with much lower CPAs on the long-term.

Our key areas of online marketing expertise include:

On-page (Technical) SEO
Content Creation & Marketing
Keyword Research
Off-page SEO (Link Building)
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
PPC Management

In addition, we’ve developed and offered a bespoke SEO software: PlagSpotter (a duplicate content detection and monitoring tool.

On-page (Technical) SEO

We strive for perfection in everything that we do for our clients. Our on-page SEO services start with a comprehensive SEO audit of your site where we come up with a list of vulnerabilities to search engine penalties as well as prepare a detailed (10-15 pages) report listing all recommendations that can significantly improve your search visibility with minimum effort and in a short-term period of time.
The audit covers all possible technical SEO issues including server setups, use of redirects, canonicals, meta and alt descriptions, keywords, url structure, and so on.

We take our work and your business very seriously and try to get as much relevant requirements from our clients as possible, so that our business partnership is a win-win for both parties. We examine your existing marketing strategy and determine how much revenue you can earn as a result of our SEO work. This strategy allows for careful planning and transparency.

After we complete the SEO audit, we prepare a proposal on all possible (and most effective) internet marketing services that we can offer to take your business to the next level. The proposal includes implementation of all recommended on-page SEO fixes and improvements as well as further steps for your online growth.

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Content Creation & Marketing

At Devellar we believe that success of any internet marketing campaign depends on the web content quality. It is no doubt that the Internet is all about sharing, and having engaging web copy that causes an emotion (be it a laugh, sorrow, curiosity, etc.) is critical in making people share or talk about you. Be it an email, an ad copy or a guest blog post, we use our know-how to create content that is moving and that actually works!

In addition to having professional SEO copywriters on staff, we utilize our research findings related to content scheduling and the performance it brings for each content media channel. It is not just enough to write a blog post, but it is also critical to determine what is the best date and time to publish it, where to publish it, and how to publish it.

Finally, having developed our own duplicate content detection and monitoring tool (PlagSpotter), we check all our web content for plagiarism or duplication making sure we keep our clients’ sites safe from Google penalties related to low-quality content.

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Keyword Research

Any successful SEO campaign starts with a carefully planned keyword research strategy. Keyword research serves as the backbone or the core of online marketing. We’ve seen many cases when our clients wasted significant resources ending up not getting the return on their SEO investment simply because their previous SEO was conducted without a transparent and solid keyword research.

At Devellar, we use state-of-the-art methodology for keyword research. Our senior SEO consultants utilize the best software tools (WordTracker, Google AdWords, Topsy, social media listening tools, etc) to come up with an effective keyword plan that details which keywords should be used on a short-term and long-term basis based on the competition, search volume, and events happening around us. We do not only focus on a couple of fathead keywords; rather, we come up with a long list of long-tail keywords that will constitute nearly 75% of all search traffic.

We offer keyword research as a stand-alone service as well as a part of the overall SEO package.

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Off-page SEO (Link Building)

Off-page SEO or link building is a long-term SEO strategy that is essential if a client wants to rank for competitive keywords and maintain its dominance in SERPs (search engine result pages) over the competition.

Simply having perfect on-page SEO and properly conducted keyword research just won’t do to get your site top Google rankings for a wide number of targeted keywords. Google’s algorithm gives a big weight to the backlinks component, since relevant backlinks serve as an indication of your site’s credibility and popularity. A backlink is basically an endorsement by some other user/site of your product/service. The more relevant backlinks your site has, the more credibility it gets in the Google’s eyes and the better rankings it should expect to receive.

We have highly-experienced link builders who know how to create a naturally looking link graph/profile for your site. We utilize white hat SEO and do not practice creating spammy links or buying links from bad neighborhoods.

Our link building strategy uses a wide range of tactics including but not limited to:

1. Generating linkbait content (basically, this is the content that just makes users want to share it)
2. Writing and publishing guest blog posts
3. Submitting your site to relevant local/topical business directories
4. Utilizing the power of local search (whenever appropriate) generating citations, co-citations and co-occurrences
5. Participating in the Q&A discussions on behalf of our clients generating backlinks
6. Participation in forum discussions and blog commenting
7. Social media bookmarking
8. Press release distribution
9. Journalist outreach

and much more…

We offer link building as a stand-alone SEO service or as a part of our SEO package deal. The budget for a link building campaign is determined based on the number of links you need every month to beat your competition or achieve your desired search traffic volumes. We also encourage our clients to commit to at least 3 months long link building campaign.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing and online brand promotion/reputation is a part of what we do on an everyday basis serving a number of startups and medium-sized businesses. We employ both organic SMM as well as targeted advertising methods on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that bring good ROI.

In social media marketing, it is critical to determine what is the best niche and place to promote your brand. If your business is based in Ukraine or Russia, for example, having a solid social media presence in Vkontakte may be more important than promoting your brand on Facebook or Google+. If you are a tech startup, participating in the online community on Quora, Reddit or LinkedIn may be more important than investing your time into Facebook or Twitter.

Our SMM consultants conduct a thorough analysis of your business and online competition before creating a proposal with a list of the most effective social media marketing services. We help with branding your profile pages, automating your blog posting, sourcing relevant connections on Twitter, building Facebook apps as well as running various online promotions and contests.

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Email Marketing

Our email marketing services are proven to work. We have a deep know-how of how to properly structure an email marketing campaign (starting from collecting contacts, writing the email copy, designing the email templates, split testing and scheduling the campaigns).

We primarily work with Mailchimp and Constant Contact software for building contact lists and scheduling email marketing campaigns, as these two services have a great split testing functionality, good statistics report interfaces as well as high deliverability rates due to their agreements with major email providers (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.).

Email marketing is not for everyone. It is tough to get your first email subscribers who are willing to receive email updates from you. We conduct a thorough analysis of your online presence and combine email marketing with your overall content marketing strategy making sure we maximize the conversion rate for enews signups on your online resources.

Our design team is very attentive to details and knows the latest trends in the design niche making sure your email looks neat and properly formatted for all screen sizes and device types.

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PPC Management

In addition to offering a wide range of organic SEO services, Devellar specializes in paid per click (PPC) management including but not limited to running Google AdWords campaigns, Bing Ads campaigns and retargeting ads marketing (e.g. Adroll). Our consultants carry official Google and Bing certification and have done outstanding work for a number of our clients.
PPC is a short-term strategy, as it gives immediate results to your online marketing investment (you can generate traffic, leads and sales in minutes after you start PPC). Paid campaigns also give you more statistical data to decide which ads are working well and which need to be improved. PPC can also be used in conjunction with organic SEO. Studies have shown that if your site appears in Google on both organic listings and paid listings, your clickthrough rate is better than if you were just ranking in organic search or paid search alone.

As a part of PPC management, we conduct keyword research, setup your PPC campaigns, deliver you regular reports as well as constantly optimize your ads, geo-targeting in order to receive the maximum conversion rate for your buck.

Our pricing for PPC depends on you ads budget – we charge a $500 flat fee for setting up your campaign and then 10% commission of your monthly ad budget.

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