Privacy Policy

Devellar’s number one priority is our customer’s privacy. While Devellar has no objection to users accessing and perusing our website without disclosing any personal information we reserve the right in certain circumstances for you to share your personal information with our company.

In our effort to ensure your privacy, Devellar takes great measures to protect the personal information provided to us from any other companies, individuals, or third party affiliates. We are committed to using the personal information shared with us to communicate or contact you when situations/issues arise and we deem the need to contact you as imperative. We never share, for any reason, your personal or business information with any companies or indidivuals without your personal request and/or permission.

Our site for software development services can be visited at any time with the understanding that your personal information will not be required. If and when you do share your personal or business information Devellar will be under no obligation to validate the source by which your personal information is provided to our company.

Occasionally we will ask that permission that your personal information be used in conducting online research surveys in Devellar’s effort to better understand the current trends in the market and business environment. At which time you will always have the option of granting your permission or denying it.

Periodically because we are a software development company, we gather domain information solely (not the email addresses of our visitor’s) as part of our ongoing efforts to analyze our website’s usability, functioning operations, and efficiency in regard to procuring an optimal experience for our visitors. Specific data such as what areas of the site are visited most often, along with the frequency users visit our site gives us a better insight on how and where to improve Devellar in regard to our productivity, effectiveness, and the level of customer satisfaction. This collection of information via your domain is gathered at random and automatically requires no communication or action on the user’s part.