Outsourcing trends in Europe
Jan 13, 2014

The UK’s Outsourcing Magazine has done another great survey on the key factors that enable Western European companies to outsource their software development available now also for the visitors of our web site. Surprising facts have popped out. Buyers give advises to Providers, awesome indirect collaboration? thank you for that. Please provide your thoughts as to these factors form the point of buyer’s psychology.

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The Dutch potential of becoming one of global ecommerce leaders unveiled
Nov 1, 2013

Ecommerce Europe, the association of European online retailers, reports the Western European b2c online commerce economy to have reached €160.8 billion in 2012, marking a 16% growth from 2011.The Dutch ecommerce market value was assessed at €4.6 billion, marking less than 9% growth from 2011. As such, the Dutch online retail economy was considered to be the slowest one in Western Europe last year.

In Q1 2013, the Netherlands has demonstrated an 8% increase in online sales, with the turnover growing to $5 billion (Source: eCommerce News). The number of individual orders placed across different online commerce outlets has increased by 10% and totaled 46 million (Source: eCommerce Facts). On the other hand, in its Ecommerce Readiness Report 2013 market analyst company Forrester has ranked the Netherlands #7 in its List of Top 10 Countries with the potential to become world’s strongest ecommerce economies. To determine ecommerce growth potential, Forrester analyzed such factors as the number of debit / credit cards per capita, retail market intensity and activity, population’s digital literacy and tech savviness, and others (Source: Brainsins).

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A/B Testing
Apr 1, 2013

What is A/B testing?

You can easily derive meaning from its name: you test two designs simultaneously – version A (usually an existing design) against version B (new design) to measure which one is more successful according to metric you apply (it can be conversion rate, bounce rate or sales, etc.).

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Big Data Market Analysis
Mar 26, 2013

Big Data

Since we are constantly looking for new business ideas and ideas for start-ups, our RnD department constantly conducts a number of researches. We thought that some of them may be quite interesting for you. So we start this initiative with an overview of Big Data market niche.

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