Consulting Services

That will save your time, money and effort. Using best practices in the sphere of marketing, project management, usability, software development, we help our clients get the product of service that meets their needs and expectations. We base our work upon the principles of team productivity, project predictability and product quality.

Our consulting team professionally does the following:

Project Management

You can entrust the development process of your project to our team of project managers who have an in-deep insight and experience in this subject field. Using the proven methodology, our project managers  in collaboration with your IT experts will successfully complete your project if you don’t have time or resources to take on the role of the manager.

Product Maintenance

Releasing the product out in the market is not just the end of the development process but the beginning of the maintenance and upgrading. Taking up the responsibility for your product maintenance, we can

  • improve product performance
  • correct detected problems
  • improve the design or the interface
  • perfect existing functions

Process Quality Management

Using numerous strategies to implement quality management, we strive to drive business objectives with quality management and make sure that your product deliver high-quality customer service.

Human Resources Management

Our human resources specialists are exceptionally good at recruiting, screening, interviewing and hiring workers (and our staff is a live proof to that). If you need to hire a team or a specialist in the IT or marketing spheres, our HR team will gladly help you with that.

Research and Development

R&D is a first step towards creating high-class products. Our mission is to research, prototype and analyze in order to deliver innovative solutions to our clients. Our services include studying and analyzing your business goals, elicitation and specification of the requirements for your products, business consultations.

Software Usability and Architecture Consulting

Devellar offers solutions to adapt your  IT product to your business objectives.

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