eCommerce Solutions

Devellar aims at facilitating the ecommerce segment of our clients building a site design and implementing ecommerce solutions that will help your business to develop and prosper.

Being sure that we deserve it, we can name not all but just a few reasons for you to entrust the enhancement of your ecommerce business to us.

Our team focuses on:

  • increasing conversion rates and overall sales volume
  • discovering the needs of target audience and adjusting to its needs
  • optimizing website speed
  • optimizing technical parameters of the system
  • developing high load applications

We specialize at:

  • Web design (including design of banners, logos and graphics and graphical user interface)
  • Web development
  • CMS
  • CRM
  • Portal services and solutions
  • Order management systems
  • Search Engine Optimization

Our design, development and marketing teams can help you find optimal solutions to build or enhance your eCommerce business and make it profitable and easy to work with.

To get to know more or ask any questions about eCommerce-related issues, contact us or e-mail us at